1. Name of the Department Sociology
2. Year of Establishment 1970
3. Programme / Courses offered B. A. (UG)
4. Interdisciplinary Courses offered


  1. Programme wise Examination System (Annual / Semester / CBCS)


B. A. Semester


  1. Participation of department in the courses offered by other departments: Nil


7. Courses in collaboration with other universities: Nil
8. Details of courses/programmes discontinued with reasons: Nil
9. Number of Teaching posts :
Designation Sanctioned Recruited
Associate Professor 1 1
Assistant Professor 2 2
10. Faculty profile:
Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience


Ph. D.


guided for

the last 4


Gender Study, 1 Awarded, 1
Dr. Usha M.A., M. Phil., HOD & Associate Industrial
26 Years Submitted
Patil Ph.D. Professor Sociology, Indian
7 Ongoing
Social Problems
Ankush M.A., B.Ed., M. Assistant Rural Sociology,
Phil., NET.., 5 Years Nil
Gondage Professor Social Problems
M.A. (Sociology),
Umesh Diploma in Assistant Human Rights 4 Years Nil
Wangdare Museology, Dip. Professor
in Gandhian
Studies, NET
  1. List of senior visiting faculty: Nil
  2. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled by temporary faculty: Nil
  3. Student – Teacher Ratio Programme Wise:
B. A.
  1. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled: Nil
  2. Qualifications of teaching faculty with Ph. D/ M. Phil. / PG :
Name of the Faculty Qualification
Dr. U. B. Patil Ph. D.
Ankush Gondage M. Phil.
Umesh Wangadare PG
  1. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from funding agencies & grants received: Nil
  2. Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received:
Project Name Funding Agency Status Funds Received
A Sociological Study
Of Women Prisoners UGC Completed 70,000/-
in Kalamba Central
Prison, Kolhapur
18. Research Centre /facility recognized by the University: No
19. Publications:
Name of Faculty / Student Number of papers published in
peer reviewed journals
Dr. U. B. Patil 01
Name of Faculty Chapter In Books
Dr. U. B. Patil 13
Name of Faculty Book Edited
Dr. U. B. Patil 02
Name of Faculty Books with ISBN
Dr. U. B. Patil 02
20. Area of consultancy and income generated: Nil
21. Faculty working as member on various committees / Boards:
Dr. Usha Patil Member, Board of Study,Shivaji University, Kolhapur
22. Student Projects:
·       Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental / programme  

100 %

·       Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e.in Research laboratories / Industry / other agencies  



23. Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:
Name of the Faculty Award / Recognition
Dr. Usha Patil Adarsha Shikshak Puraskar by
Aviskar foundation, Kolhapur.
Prof. Umesh Wangdare Recognition by Maj. Gen. D.S. Gill
Additional Director Genral, NCC,
  1. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department:
  • Dr. Archana Kamble, New College, Kolhapur.
  • Prof. Chandrakant Khandagale, KWC College, Sangli. Dr. Jagan Karade, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  • Mahendra Jadhav, President, Marathi Samajashastra Parishad, Maharastra.
  • B. R. Nadaf, Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur
  1. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding: Nil
  1. Student profile programme/course wise:


Course Year Applications Selected Enrolled Pass
Received %
Male Female
  1. Diversity of Students:


Name of the Year % of students from
Course Same State Other State Abroad
B. A. 2016 – 17 100 %


  1. How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET, Civil services, Defense services, etc.?
Course NET / SET Civil Service Competitive
B. A. 01/01 Nil
29. Students Progression:
UG to PG 10%
Campus Recruitment
Other than Campus Recruitment
Self Employment
30. Details of Infrastructural facilities:
Library Yes
Internet facility for Staff & Yes
Classrooms with ICT facility Yes


  1. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies:

All eligible students get financial assistance from government schemes like scholarships, freeships etc.


  1. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts:
2011 – 12
Formation of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal.
Study Visit to Warna Industry.
Celebration of World Human Rights Day.
Study Tour to Sindhudurg.
2012 – 13
Inauguration of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal by Dr. Archana Kamble.
Screening of Tribal Society.

Celebration of World Human Rights Day.


Organized Lecture on Social Work by Anuradha Bhosale.


Organized Lecture on Health and Environment by Dipak Devalapurkar. Study Tour to Kudal Sangam, Hampi-Badami.

2013 – 14

Inauguration of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal by Prof. Chandakant Khandagale.


Visit to College Library and Reference Section. Study Visit to Rural Life Museum Kaneri.

Organized Departmental Seminar of Students.


Village Survey of Pohale, Ta. Panhala. Dist. Kolhapur.


Students Participated in Avishkar Research Competition


Industrial Study Visit toMahatma Phule Magaswargiya Sut Girni And Varana Mahila Udoug Samuh

2014 – 15


Inauguration of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal by Dr Jagan Karade. Organized Departmental Seminar of Students.


Study Visit to Rural Life Museum Kaneri


Department Students Participated In State Level Seminar Organized By Shardabai Govindrao Pawar Chair Shivaji University Kolhapur.


Village Survey of Yavluj, Ta. Panhala. Dist. Kolhapur.


Department Students Participated In National Level Seminar on Gender Equality and Development in Modern India Organized By Smt. Champaben Shaha Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sangli.


Study Tour to Sindhudurg, Malvan, Devbag. Organized Departmental Alumni Meet.

Visit to College Library and Reference Section


Department Students Participated in University Level Seminar on Life skill Development Organized by the New College, Kolhapur.


Department Students Participated in State Level Conference on Social Movement in India: Contribution and Challenges Organized By Shivaji Vidhyapeeth Samajshastra Parishad’s & The New Collage Kolhapur.


Industrial Study Visit toMahatma Phule Magaswargiya Sut Girni


Study Visit to Department of Sociology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

2015 – 16

Students Participated in University Level Workshop on Education and Social Work Organized by KMC College, Kolhapur.

Departments Students Participated in Workshop on Jagar Stri Shakticha Organized by Kamala Collage, Kolhapur.


Inauguration of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal by Dr Indrajit Deshmukh (CEO, Zilla Parishad, Kolhapur).

Organized Departmental Seminar of Students.


Department Students Participated in State Level Workshop on Mahatama Gandhi: Samaj va Apasamaj Organized By Gandhian Study Center, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.


Visit to College Library and Reference Section Celebrate of World Human Right Day

Film presentation and Discussion on Industrial technology


Departmental Students Participated in National Conference on Marginal groups in India organized by the new college ,Kolhapur


Departmental students participate in university level workshop on Women and child Development Laws organized by Commerce college, Kolhapur


Organized Lecture on CSR by Prof. Ashvini Kotnis Study visit to Industry.

2016 – 17

Departments Students Participated in National Level Seminar Organized by Yashawantrao Chavan College, Warananagar.

Inauguration of Samajashastra Abhyas Mandal by Dr. Mahendrakumar Jadhav, President, Marathi Smajashastra Parishad, Maharashtra.


Organized Lecture of Prof. B. R. Nadaf on opportunity in Sociology under the Faculty Exchange Programme.


Departments Students Participated in State Level Workshop Organized by Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur.


Organized Departmental Seminar of Students.


Industrial Study Visit toMahatma Phule Magaswargiya Sut Girni


Organized Lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility by Prof. Ashwini Kotnis.


  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:


Lecture Method Group Discussion
ICT based Teaching Seminar Method
  Screening of Films


34. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

Prof. Ankush Gondage: NSS, Programme Officer


Prof. Lt. Umesh Wangdare: NCC, Associat NCC Officer

35. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans


  • Energetic and Qualified Staff
  • Rich Departmental Library. Use of ITC in Teaching.
  • Inspirational Prize given to Meritorious Students of the Department by former HOD Prof. C. A. Pomai


  • No other institutional collaborations Faculty Awards


  • To start PG courses
  • Develop Student Research Culture


  • Linkages with reputed institutions and NGOs Consultancy to solving Social problem

Future Plans

  • To Start Interdisciplinary Courses To develop Research Culture.
  • To Start PG. & Research Centre.
  • To create awareness about Job opportunities.