1. Name of the Department History
2. Year of Establishment B. A. – 1973
B. A. B. Ed. – 1988
3. Programme / Courses offered B. A.
B. A. B. Ed.
4. Interdisciplinary Courses offered B. A.
B. A. B. Ed.


  1. Programme wise Examination System (Annual / Semester / CBCS)


B. A. B. Ed. Semester
B. A. Semester


  1. Participation of department in the courses offered by other departments:




7. Courses in collaboration with other universities: Nil
8. Details of courses/programmes discontinued with reasons: Nil
9. Number of Teaching posts :
Designation Sanctioned Recruited
Associate Professor 2 2
Assistant Professor 2 2
Others 2 (CHB)
10. Faculty profile:
Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience


Ph. D.


guided for

the last 4


N. B. M.A. Associate Medieval 34
Khandare M. Phil Professor History
Dr. S. B. M.A. M. Ed. Associate Modern
M. Phil., 26
Kadam Professor History
Ph. D.
Dr. M. M. M. A. Assist. Modern
B. Ed. 24
Shinde Professor History
Ph. D
M. A.
Dr. S. S. M. Ed. Assistant Modern 07
Annadate Ph. D., NET Professor History
  1. List of senior visiting faculty: Nil


  1. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled by temporary faculty:
B. A. B. Ed. 50 %
13. Student – Teacher Ratio Programme Wise:
B. A. III Year Students 11 : 1
B. A. B. Ed. IV Year student 7.5 : 1


  1. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled: Nil


  1. Qualifications of teaching faculty with Ph. D/ M. Phil. / PG :


Name of the Faculty Qualification
N.B. Khandare M. Phil
Dr. S. B. Kadam M. Phil. & Ph. D.
Dr. M. M. Shinde Ph. D
Dr. S. S. Annadate Ph. D., NET & SET


  1. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from funding agencies & grants received:
Name of Faculty Funding Agency Status Funds Received
Dr. S. S. Annadate U G C Ongoing 65,000 /-


  1. Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received: Nil


18. Research Centre /facility recognized by the University: No

19. Publications:

Name of Faculty / Student Number of papers published in
peer reviewed journals
N.B. Khandare 01
Dr. S.B. Kadam 07
Dr. M. M. Shinde 04
Dr. S. S. Annadate 06
R. R. Patil 01
Name of Faculty Chapter In Books
Dr. M. M. Shinde 02

20. Area of consultancy and income generated: Nil

  1. Faculty working as member on various committees / Boards:
Dr. M. M. Shinde Member Revised B. A. B. Ed.

Syllabus committee

22. Student Projects:
Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental / programme


Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e.in Research laboratories / Industry / other agencies NIL
23. Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:
Name of the Faculty Award / Recognition
स यशोधक आ णा भाऊ साठे समाजर न पुर कार को हाप२०१२
(Satyashodhak Aanna Bhau Sathe Samajratna Purskar,
Kolhapur, 2012)
ांतीगु लहू जी साळवे सामासंशोधक गौरव पुर कार सांग
२०१२ (Krantiguru Lahuji Salve Samajik Sanshodhak Gaurav
Puraskar, Sangola, 2012)
Dr. Sharad Gaikwad महा मा फु ले रा य पुर कार नवी  द २०१३ (Mahatma Phule
Rashtriya Puraskar Navi Delhi, 2013)
बु ध सा ह यर न रा य तर य पुर कार प२०१४ (Prabudhda
Sahityaratna Rajyastariya Puraskar, Pune. 2014)
समाजभूषण पुर कार नां२०१५
(Samajbhushan Puraskar, Nanded.2015)
आदश क पुर कार को हाप२०१५
(Aadarsh Shikshak Puraskar, Kolhapur.2015)
सा ह यर न आ णाभाऊ साठे जीवनगौरव पुर कार सोलाप२०१६
(Sahityaratna Aanna Bhau Sathe Jeevangaurav Puraskar,
Solapur, 2016)
स यशोधक बहु जन र न पुर कार कर२०१६
(Satyashodhak Bahujanratna Puraskar, Karad, 2016)
राजर न रा य तर य पुर कार सातारा२०१६
(Rajratna Rajyastariya Purskar, Satara, 2016)
चौथे छ शवाजी महाराज रा य तर य सा हि यक पुर कार अहमदनग
(Chouthe chh. Shivaji Maharaj Rajyastariya Sahityik Puraskar,
Ahmadnagar, 2016)
Dr. Gomteshwar Patil ण महारा सा ह य सभा, को हापूर उ कृ ट ंथ पुर २०१४
(Dakshin Maharashtra Sahitya Sabha, Kolhapur Utkrisht
Granth Puraskar, 2014)
ण महारा सा ह य सभा, को हापूर . मंदा कदम  उ कृ
Dr. Gopal Gawade पुर कार२०१५
(Dakshin Maharashtra Sahitya Sabha, Kolhapur Prof. Manda
Kadam Utkrisht Granth purskar, 2015)
Name of the Student Class Type Award /
Buran Dattatraya B. A. Informative article
Godad Rojalina B. A. Innerve
Shitole Abbas B. A. Innerve
Saroj Vidhya B. A. B. Ed. Autobiography University
Dhere Namrata B. A. B. Ed. Short story
Kambale Nayana B. A. B. Ed. Autobiography Prize
Patil Aruna B. A. B. Ed. Lalit article
Patil Aruna B. A. B. Ed. Informative in English
Dhule Rahul B. A. B. Ed. Photography
Mangurkr Dhanashri B. A. B. Ed. Art
Samant Deepali B. A. B. Ed. 1st
Patil Vinaya B. A. B. Ed. 8th
Patil Vikas B. A. B. Ed. 5th
Sorate Madhuri B. A. B. Ed. University Merit Rank 6th
Taral Shrirang B. A. B. Ed. 10th
Dhere Namrata B. A. B. Ed. 1st
Patil Kundlik B. A. B. Ed. 6th
Bondage Mrinalini B. A. B. Ed. 7th
Patil Aruna B. A. B. Ed. 1st
  1. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department:


Sanjay Mohite Marathi Cinema Actor
Vijay Patkar Marathi Cinema Actor
Navanath Shinde Actor
Dr. Chandrakant Potdar Well known Poet
Adv. Comrade Govind Pansare Sociologist
Kiran Gurav Well known Author & Short Story Writer
Krishnat Khot Well known Author & Short Story Writer &
Marathi Novelist
Dr. Naganath Kotapalle Vice Chancellor, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Marathwada University Aurangabad.
Suresh Mohite Well known Poet
Manda Kadam Well known Poet
Dr. Ravindra Thakur Former HOD, Dept of Marathi & Novelist
Dr. Mohan Patil Novelist
Vijay Chormare Journalist & Poet
Dr. K. R. Kirwale Former HOD, Dept of Marathi, SUK.
Prin. R. T. Bhagat Writer
Sanjiv Khandekar Writer
  1. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding


Theme Level Funding Agency
Minority Community in India Problems & Prospects National ICSSR
Literature & Culture in the

Perspective of Globalization.

International Shivaji University
26. Student profile programme/course wise:
Course Year Applications Selected Enrolled Pass %
Received Male Female
2011-12 27 27 13 14 78%
2012-13 16 16 08 08 86%
B. A. 2013-14 18 18 15 03 100%
2014-15 29 29 16 13 80%
2015-16 22 22 14 06 87%
2016-17 19 22 Apprd.
B. A. 2011-12 15 15 07 08 100%
2012-13 12 12 02 10 100%
B. Ed.
2013-14 13 13 05 08 100%




The Mahavirians for Enlightenment, Excellence & Extension                                                Page | 6


2014-15 16 16 02 14 100%
2015-16 08 08 0 08 100%
2016-17 11 11 07 04 Apprd.
  1. Diversity of Students:


Name of the Year % of students from
Course Other State Abroad
2011-12 25
2012-13 16
B. A. 2013-14 18
2014-15 29
2015-16 19
2016-17 22
2011-12 15
B. A. B. Ed. 2012-13 12
2013-14 13
2014-15 16
2015-16 08
2016-17 11
Intro. To
Theatre & 2016-17 10
Comm. Skills.
28. How many students have cleared national and state competitive
examinations such as NET, Civil services, Defense services, etc.?
Course NET / SET Civil Service Competitive
B. A. B. Ed. & B. A. 2 / 4 1 24
29. Students Progression:
2011-12 45.00%
2012-13 75.00%
UG to PG 2013-14 64.50%
2014-15 28.00%
2015-16 81.50%
2016-17 Apprd.
Campus Recruitment 10% 15%
Other than Campus Recruitment 10% 15%




The Mahavirians for Enlightenment, Excellence & Extension                                                Page | 7


Self Employment 10% 10%
30. Details of Infrastructural facilities:
Library Yes
Internet facility for Staff & Students Yes
Classrooms with ICT facility Yes
Laboratories Nil
  1. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies: Nil


  1. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts:

2011 – 12


Special Lecture on : Natsamrat – Sarjerao Mane ( नटस ाट( सज राव माने-
Special Lecture on : Mitteeing story ( म टंग कथेचे कथाकथन आ ण  याखान(
Special Lecture on : Abhiruchi- Dr. Dipak Valavi ( अ भ ची डॉ द पक वळवी(
Special Lecture on – Sahitya Nirmiti Prakriya – Dr. Ravindra Thakur
( सा ह य  न म ती या– डॉ रवीं ठाक



Special Lecture: Marathi Rajbhasha Din – Vaijanath Mahajan ( मराठ  राजभाषा दन – वैजनाथ महाजन)


2014 – 15
Special Lecture on : Jagtikikaran & Lahu Kande yanchi kavita – Dr. Supriya Aware
( जाग तक करण आ ण लह कानडे यांची क वता– डॉ सु  या आवा )
2015 – 16
Special Lecture on : Aadivasi Kavita – Dr. Dipak Valavi ( आ दवासी क वता  डॉ द पक वळवी )
2016 – 17
Special Lecture: Marathi Rajbhasha Din: Govind Panasare ( मराठ  राजभाषा दन: गो वंद पानसरे)
33. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:
Lecture Method Debating
ICT based Teaching Seminar Method
Group Discussion
  1. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

Extension activities

1. B.A. Faculty

Visit To Authors Village 14 Dec 2011 Poet keshvasut & His Memorial. One Act Play On Mahatma Phule & His Life – on 30 Aug 2012 Actor Navanath shinde.

Ardhsatya Cinema On topic Shooting For B. A. (I) Class is Showed Every Year. 23 Aug 2014.

Debate on Ganesh Festival with News Paper Maharashtra Times on 31 Aug 2015.

One Day local visit to Archives Dept, Khandekar Museum Shivaji University library 8th Oct, 2015.

Marathi Bhasha & Sahity Mandal Activity is run every year by Marathi Department with participation of all Students.

2. B.A. B. Ed. Faculty


Visit To Authors Village 11 Jan 2015 Novelist Ranjit Desai & His Smarak Kathakathan 24 Sep 2016 Actor Ganpati Mithari Poster Presentation on Gnyanpitha Puraskar author Bhalchandra Nemade 2015.

Visit to Sakal Press & Kolhapur Aakashwani. Visit to Panhala Fort.

Visit To Authors Village 14 Dec 2011 Poet keshasut & His Smarak Visit to govt. printing press at 2014

One Day local visit to archaeology dept, Khandekar Museum Shivaji University library.

35. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans.


  • Tradition of research culture.
  • Studious publications by individual professor.
  • Participation and organization of national and international seminars and conferences.
  • Individual Departmental Library Donated by Alumni
  • Individual Major & Minor Projects Completed & ongoing.



  • Indifference of students towards language and regional languages. Students Research.



  • To become a bilingual cum interpreter. State and central administration.
  • To become a language teacher.
  • To carry out a survey of regional languages. The professions like publication and editing.