1. Name of the Department GEOGRAPHY
2. Year of Establishment B. A. B. Ed. 1988
B. A. -2009
3. Programme / Courses offered B. A.
B. A. B. Ed.
M. Phil.
4. Interdisciplinary Courses offered Nil


  1. Programme wise Examination System (Annual / Semester / CBCS):-


B. A. B. Ed. Semester
B. A. Semester

* Annual pattern for Practical examination.


  1. Participation of department in courses offered by other departments: Nil


7. Courses in collaboration with other universities: Nil
8. Details of courses/programmes discontinued with reasons: Nil
9. Number of Teaching posts :
Designation Sanctioned Recruited
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor 3 3
Others 2 2
10. Faculty profile:
Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience


Ph. D.


guided for

the last 4


Dr. S. B.


(30th Aug.,


M.A., M.

Phil. Ph.D.

Principal Urban


36 6
Dr. Arun M. A. M. Ed. Asst. Agriculture 22 6
A. Patil Ph. D. Professor Geography
Shri. E. A. M.A., B.Ed. Asst. 22
Kamalakar Professor
Shri. M.A., B. Ed., Asst.
Shashikant 04
NET Professor
11. List of senior visiting faculty: Nil
12. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled by
temporary faculty:
B. A. B. Ed. Nil
B. A. 50% (Non Granted)
13. Student – Teacher Ratio Programme Wise:
B. A. B. Ed. 5.1
B. A. 5.1
14. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff;
sanctioned and filled: Nil
15. Qualifications of teaching faculty with Ph. D/ M. Phil. / PG :
Name of the Faculty Qualification
Dr. A. A. Patil Ph.D.
Shri E. A. Kamlakar PG
Shri. Shashikant S. Patil PG


  1. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from funding agencies & grants received:
Name of Faculty Funding Agency Status Funds Received
Dr. Arun A. Patil UGC Completed 1,05,000/-


  1. Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received: Nil


18. Research Centre /facility recognized by the University: Yes
19. Publications:
Name of Faculty Number of papers published in

peer reviewed journals

Dr. A. A. Patil 01
Shri. Shashikant Patil 01
Name of Faculty Other Journals
Dr. A. A. Patil 17
Shr. S. S.Patil 03
Name of the Faculty Books with ISBN/ISSN
Dr. Arun A. Patil 02
20. Area of consultancy and income generated: Nil
21. Faculty working as member on various committees / Boards:
Dr. Arun Patil Member Revised Syllabus of

Geography Textbook SCERT

22. Student Projects:
·       Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental / programme  

100 %

·       Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e.in Research laboratories / Industry / other agencies  



23. Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:
Name of the Faculty Award / Recognition
Dr. A. A. Patil Ideal Teacher Award
State Level Best Programme officer
Br. P. G. Patil Ideal Teacher Award
Name of the Student Type
Shri. Kusumbe Pravina Laxman University Merit Ranker
Smt. Kumbhar Sunita Vasant University Merit Ranker
Shri. Vharambale Ajinkya Mahipati University Merit Ranker
Smt. Powalkar Pooja Maruti University Merit Ranker
Smt. Gavade Komal Hanmant University Merit Ranker
  1. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department:


Dr. S. S.Alizad Head & Assoc. Professor, Arts, Science & Commerce
College, Chopada, Jalgaon
Dr. Anurag Priydarshi Former Director, Costal services GOI, NewDelhi.
Dr. N.N. Sawant Head & Assoc. Professor Department of Geography,
Parvatibai Chowgule College Margao.
Dr. Prabir Rath Asst. Professor Government College, Khandola, Goa.
Vinod Bhardwaj Post Doctoral Fellow (ICSSR) South Asia Studies
Centre University of Rajasthan.
Dr. Pravin Saptrashri Professor of Sustainability Management, Indian
Institute of Cost & Management Studies & Research.
Dr. Abhay Patil Professor, Department of Geography, Rani
parvatidevi college of Arts & Commerce
Padma Jadhav Professor, Government Education college
Dr. J. F. Patil Former HOD Department of Economics, Shivaji
University, Kolhapur.
Dr. K. C. Ramotra Professor Department of Geography, Shivaji
University, Kolhapur.
  1. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding


Theme Level Funding Agency
Recent Advances In Sustainable Regional National UGC
Resource Generation & Live hood Security National ICSSR
In India: Challenges & Opportunities
Application Of Advance Tools And National ICSSR
Techniques In Social Science Research
Population And Regional Development National ICSSR
26. Student profile programme/course wise:
Course Year Applications Selected Enrolled Pass
Received Male Female %
B. A. III 2011-12 12 12 08 04 100
B. A. III 2012-13 20 19 16 03 100
B. A. III 2013-14 23 18 14 04 100
B. A. III 2014-15 23 23 17 06 100
B. A. III 2015-16 13 10 07 03 100
B. A. III 2016-17 14 12 09 03 Apprd.
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2011-12 09 09 05 04 100
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2012-13 10 10 6 4 100
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2013-14 15 15 02 13 100
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2014-15 17 17 08 09 100
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2015-16 07 07 05 02 85.71
B. A. B. Ed. IV 2016-17 08 05 03 02 Apprd.
27. Diversity of Students:
Name of the Year % of students from
Course Same State Other State Abroad
B. A. 2016 – 17 100 %
B. A. B. Ed. 2016 – 17 100 %
  1. How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET, Civil services, Defense services, etc.?
Course NET / SET Civil Service Competitive
B. A. B. Ed.
B. A.
29. Students Progression:
UG to PG 15.03%
Campus Recruitment Nil
Other than Campus Recruitment Nil
Self Employment Nil
30. Details of Infrastructural facilities:
Library Reference Books – 57
M. Phil., Ph. D. Thesis – 23
Internet facility for Staff & Yes
Internet Connection to 3 PCs & 1
Classrooms with ICT facility Yes
Computer Lab – 4 Computer
Weather Station – 01
Prismatic – 04
Laboratories Plane table- 04
GPS – 02
Mirror Stereoscope – 03
Pocket Stereoscopes – 05
Telescope – 01
Map tracing and measurement



facility and Other various


Surveying Instruments


  1. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies:

All eligible students get financial assistance from government schemes like scholarship, freeships etc.


  1. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts:

2011 – 12


Inauguration of Geography Study Circle.


Organize one day workshop on ‘Importance of Geography in Competitive Exam’.


With the collaboration of District Institution for Teachers Education and Training (DIET) Kolhapur organize One day workshop on Educational aids in Geography.


Conducted Survey of Land use in Kagal Tehshil. Study tour to Goa.

2012 – 13

Inauguration of Geography Study Circle. Visit to Agriculture College, Kolhapur.


Conducted land use survey of Chandur Village.


To Visit all India Institute of Local Self Government. Organize one day workshop on Global Warming.


Village Survey of Khindi-vharawade Tal. Radhanagari, Dist Kolhapur. Study Tour to Konkan (Ratanagiri, Sindhudurg)


2013 – 14


Inauguration of Geography Study Circle.


Poster Presentation on Disaster Management. One Day Study visit to Masai Plateau.

Celebration of Equatorial Day on 23rd September.

Guest Lecture of Dr. Dhanaji Kashid on Importance of Study tour in the Study of Geography.


Organization of One Day Workshop on Availability of Water & Water Management.


Organization of Quiz Competition on Water Literacy.


In Collaboration with Zilla Parishad Kolhapur Organization of Elocution Competition.



Student participation in Vasundara International Film Festival and Present the issue of Water Conservation.

Celebration of Geography day (Rangoli & Photo Exhibition).


Guest Lecture of Prof. S. G. Patil on Importance of Geographical Literacy. To Conducted a Survey on Kolhapur City Expansion.

Study Tour to Goa.


2014 – 15


Inauguration of Geography Study Circle. One day visit to Masai Plateau.


Celebrate Ozone Day on 16th September.

Guest Lecture of Dr. S.H. Vanmore on Importance of Water Conservation. One day visit to Kas Plateau (Flower Plateau).

Student Present their research paper presentation by students in national seminar.


One day workshop on Geographical Study of Expansion of Kolhapur city. One day workshop on A Geographical Study of Development of City Roads

and The Aspects and Direction of Toll Andolan.


Guest Lecture of Dr. S. D. Shinde Associate Professor Shivaji University, Kolhapur on Career Opportunities in Geography.


Village Survey of Perid Tal. Shahuwadi, Dist Kolhapur. Study Tour to Goa & Konkan.

2015 – 16


Inauguration of Geography Study Circle.


Visit to Maharashtra State Soil survey & Soil Testing Department Kolhapur. One day visit to Masai Plateau.

Celebrate Ozone Day on 16th September.

Celebrate Equatorial Day on 23rd September.

One day lead college Workshop on Agriculture in Kolhapur District: Potential for Agro-tourism.


Celebrate of Geography Day. Guest Lecture of Dr. P. D. Raut Head of Department of Geography, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.


Visit to Agricultural Exhibition.


Village Survey of Belanki Tal Miraj Dist Sangli Study Tour to Goa.

2016 – 17


Inauguration of Geography Study Circle.


Students Participation in National Level Seminar entitled Advanced Agricultural Techniques and Rural Development.


Student of 6 to 8th Std. of Dadasaheb Magdum Highschool visit to Department of Geography.



One day Workshop on Expansion of Kolhapur City : Role of Authorization On Geography Day organization of Guest Lecture Dr. Namdev Adnaik.


Poster Presentation on Geographical and Environmental Issues.


Village Survey of Wadi-Ratanagiri (Jotiba) Tal Panhala, Dist Kolhapur Study Tour to Goa.

Visit to Agricultural Exhibition.


Publication of Three Year Weather Report. 2014-16


  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:


Lecture Method ICT Demonstration
Practicals Field Visit
Study tours Seminar

34. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

 Participate in Environment Awareness Cycle Rally.

  • Organization and participation in District Level Elocution Competition on the theme of Water Literacy continuously from last three years.
  • Participate in one day workshop on Pollution of Rankala and Panchganga.

Preparation of a Report of Expansion of Kolhapur city.

  • Organization of one day workshop on issues related to society. ex : Expansion of Kolhapur city and Toll Andolan.
  •  Participation in one day workshop Global Warming. To present a daily weather report in college Campus.
  • Organize one workshop for youth on conservation of Panchganga river water.
  •  Felicitate youth groups for donation of Ganesha Idol.

35. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans



  • The Department has good Infrastructural facilities. Automatic Weather Station.
  • Ph.D. & M. Phil Research Lab. Departmental library.
  • Collaborative activities.


  • Non Grant B.A. III.
  • Absence of PG Department.


  • To introduce PG programme.
  • To start certificate/diploma course in GIS-GPS. To Start Inter disciplinary Certificate Course.


  • To initiate certificate/diploma courses in GIS-GPS Diploma
  • To introduce certificate/diploma course in Water Management & Disaster Management