1. Name of the Department Education
2. Year of Establishment 04 June, 1985
3. Programme / Courses offered B. A. B. Ed. (Integrated) 4 years
4. Interdisciplinary Courses offered B. A. B. Ed. An Interdisciplinary U.G.
5. Programme wise Examination System (Annual / Semester / CBCS)
B. A. B. Ed. Semester Pattern

6. Participation of department in the courses offered by other departments:

Yes, Student participation in the courses offered by Marathi, Hindi, English Departments.

Subject Name of Certificate Course
Hindi Hindi Translation
Marathi Intro. To Theatre & Comm. Skills
English Certificate Course in English
Communication & Personality Dev.
7. Courses in collaboration with other universities: Nil
8. Details of courses/programmes discontinued with reasons: Nil.
9. Number of Teaching posts :
Designation Sanctioned Recruited
Associate Professor 03 (Retired)
Assistant Professor 15 11
Others 04
10. Faculty profile:
Ph. D.
Experience Students
Name Qualification Designation Specialization guided for
the last 4
Smt. N. R. Patil M. A. M. Ed., Associate Teacher 26
M. Phil. Professor Education
Dr. S. B. M. A. M. Ed., Associate History 24
Makubhai M. Phil, Ph. D. Professor Education
Dr. M. A. M. A. M. Ed., Associate Comparative 24
Vijapure M. Phil, Ph. D. Professor Education
Dr. S. C. Pandit M. A. M. Ed., Assistant Teacher 24
M. Phil., Ph. D. Professor Education
Dr. S. V. Kalebag M. Sc., M. Ed., Assistant Psychology, 17 7
Ph. D. Professor Teacher
Dr. R. B. M. A. M.Ed. Assistant Educational
SET, M. Phil. 21 4
Mirajkar Professor Technology
Ph. D.
M. A. M. Ed. Assistant Education of
Dr. S. K. Patil Exceptional 23 4
M. Phil. Ph. D. Professor
Dr. S. R. Menon M. A. M. Ed. Assistant Education 23 4
MBA, Ph. D., Professor Technology
Smt. M. D. M. A. M. Ed. Assistant and Planning, 24
Shetake M. Phil Professor Educational &
Dr. S. A. M. Sc., M. Ed., Assistant Environmental
SET, NET, 15
Dhanawade Professor Education
Ph. D.
Dr. M. A. M. A. M. Ed. Assistant Teacher 24
Maygonda Ph. D Professor Education
Dr. S. S. M. A. M. Ed. Assistant Education of
Exceptional 21
Mandale Ph. D Professor
Shri. A. R. M. A. M. Ed. Assistant Special 07
Bansode M. Phil., SET Professor Education
Shri. A. N. M. A. M. Ed., Assistant Guidance and
Counseling 04
Chougule SET, NET. Professor
11. List of senior visiting faculty : Nil
12. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled by
temporary faculty:
B. A. B. Ed. 26%
13. Student – Teacher Ratio Programme Wise:
B. A. B. Ed. 1:24

14. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled:

 15. Qualifications of teaching faculty with Ph. D/ M. Phil. / PG :

Name of the Faculty Qualification
Smt. N. R. Patil M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil.
Dr. S. B. Makhubai M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. M. A. Vijapure M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. S. C. Pandit M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. S. V. Kalebag M. Sc., M. Ed. Ph. D.
Dr. R. B. Mirajkar M. A. M. Ed., SET, M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. S. K. Patil M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.
Dr. S. R. Menon M. A. M. Ed., MBA, Ph. D.
Smt. M. D. Shetake M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil.
Dr. S. A. Dhanawade M. Sc., M. Ed. SET, NET, Ph. D.
Dr. M. A. Maygonda M. A. M. Ed., Ph. D.
Dr. S. S. Mandale M. A. M. Ed., Ph. D.
Shri. A. R. Bansode M. A. M. Ed., M. Phil., SET
Shri. A. N. Chougule M. A. M. Ed. NET, SET

16. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from funding agencies & grants received:

Name of Faculty Funding Agency Status Funds
Dr. R. B. Mirajkar UGC Completed 86,645
Dr. S. S. Mandale UGC Completed 60,854
Dr. S. K. Patil UGC Completed 64,014
Dr. S. C. Pandit UGC Completed 46,999
Dr. S. A. Dhanwade UGC Completed 85,000
Smt. N. R. Patil UGC Completed 55,000
Shri. A. R. Bansode UGC Ongoing 50,000

17. Departmental projects funded by DST – FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received: 5 Lakhs 65 Thousand Rs.

18. Research Centre /facility recognized by the University: No
19. Publications:
Name of Faculty / Student Number of papers published in

peer reviewed journals

Dr. M. A. Vijapure 10
Dr. S. B. Mahubhai 02
Smt. N. R. Patil 02
Dr. S. C. Pandit 25
Dr. S. V. Kalebag 23
Dr. R. B. Mirajkar 28
Dr. S. K. Patil 36
Smt. M. D. Shetake 04
Dr. S. A. Dhanwade 05
Dr. M. A. Maygonda 03
Dr. S. S. Mandale 05
Shri. A. R. Bansode 19
Shri. A. N. Chougule 04
Chapter in Books 05
Books Edited 02
Faculty Name Books with ISBN/ISSN
Dr. M. A. Vijapure ISBN No. 978-93-83796-16-8
Swacchanda Prakashan, Kolhapur
Dr. M. A. Vijapure ISBN No. 978-93-523-3934
Swacchanda Prakashan, Kolhapur
Dr. S. S. Mandale ISBN No. 978-81-9229-14-4-4
Akshay Prakashan, Ratnagiri
Dr. S. B. Makubhai 978-81-921721-4-9 Akshardeep
Prakashan, Kolhapur
20. Area of consultancy and income generated: Nil
21. Faculty working as member on various committees / Boards:
Editorial Board 01
22. Student Projects:
·       Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental / programme  

100 %

·       Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e.in Research laboratories / Industry / other agencies  



  1. Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students:
Name of the Faculty Award / Recognition
Adarsha Shikshika Puraskar
Dr. M. A. Vijapure Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Sahitya Ratna Puraskar
Kranti Jyoti Phule Shikshak
Ratna Puraskar
Dr. S. K. Patil Adarsha Shikshika Puraskar
Dr. S. S. Mandale Karmavir Bhaurao Patil
Shikshanshatra Puraskar
Dr. S. V. Kalebag Excellent teacher award


Name of the Class Type Award /
Student Recognition
Priyanka Patil B. A. B. Ed. State Level Yuva Puraskar
Govt. of MH. (Rs. 50,000)
  1. List of eminent academicians and scientists / visitors to the department:
Name Designation
Prof. Dr. M. S. Padmini Head, Dept of Education, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Dr. Chitra Sohani Prof. Dept of Education, SNDT, Women’s University, Pune
Dr. Shefali Pandya Head, Dept of Education, University of Mumbai.
Dr. D. R. More Dicector, BCUD, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Dr. Ajay Sali Joint Director, Kolhapur Region
Dr. Ganesh Hegde Deputy Advisor,NAAC, Bangalore
Dr. Jaggannath Dange Asst. Professor, Dept. of Edu., Kuvempu Univs., Shimoga.
Dr. Nilima Sapre Assistant Professor,Dept. of Education,SUK, Kolhapur
Dr. Satish Ghatage Professor, Vivekanand College, Kolhapur
Dr. Vidyanand Khandagale Assistant Professor,Dept. of Education,SUK, Kolhapur
Dr. Shantam Bute Principal, Govt. College of Education, Kolhapur
Dr. Pratibha Patankar Professor,Dept. of Education,SUK, Kolhapur
Dr. Laxmikant Deshmukh District Collector
Dr. Rajendra Kumbhar Principal, RajarshiShahu College, Kolhapur
Dr. G. S. Patil Associate Professor,Dept. of Education,SUK, Kolhapur
Dr. Chetana Sonkamble Associate Professor,Dept. of Education,SUK, Kolhapur
25. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding
Theme Level Funding Agency
National curriculum National Shivaji University,
Development, NAAC. Kolhapur.
Constructivist approach University Shivaji University,
and Lesson planning Kolhapur
New Approach in Teacher Shivaji University,
Education and New University
Education Policy
Challenges in Teachers
Education, Physical National UGC
Education and Sports.
Revamping Teacher National Self Funded
New dimensions of Higher National Self Funded
Education in 21st Century.
26. Student profile programme/course wise:
Course Year Applications Selected Enrolled Pass
Received Male Female %
2011-12 105 66 18 49 91.04%
B. A. 2012-13 102 68 16 52 97.00%
2013-14 100 73 26 47 97.00%
B. Ed.
2014-15 100 71 23 48 98.00%
2015-16 118 43 12 31 99.00%
27. Diversity of Students:
Name of % of students from
the Year Same Other State Abroad
Course State
2011-12 (80 Students) 100
B. A. B. 2012-13 (80 Students) 100
2013-14 (80 Students) 100
2014-15 (80 Students) 99 01
2015-16 (100 Students) 98 02
  1. How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET, Civil services, Defense services, etc.?
Course NET/ Civil State Government Teacher
SET Service
B. A. B. Ed. 03 01 15 44
29. Students Progression:
UG to PG 80%
Campus Recruitment
Other than Campus Recruitment
Self Employment 15%
  1. Details of Infrastructural facilities:


Library Textbooks – 4146
Reference Books – 866
Magazine / Journals – 06
CDs/DVDs – 256
Teaching Aids – 176
Journal Reading books – 131
OHP – 02
N List – 01
Internet facility for Staff & Students Yes
Classrooms with ICT facility Yes
Laboratories 03


  1. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies:

All eligible students get financial assistance from government schemes like scholarships, freeships etc.


  1. Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts:


Activity Expert
Creativity workshop Mrs. Vandana Lad
Teaching Aids Workshop Dwarkanath Bhosale
Lecture on Superstitions Shri. Krishna Koge, Social Worker
Lecture on Guidance for Career Mrs. Shubhangi Thorat, Chief Editor
Madhurangan Daily Sakaal
Warli painting workshop Dr. Chandrakant Mithari
Rakhi Making Workshop Radhika Rajendra Patil
Sexual Harassment at work Dr. Kranti Jejurkar, Chairman Women
place : Prohibition and remedies Development Cell, Mumbai
SUPW Workshop Priyanka Patil, Vice President, Alumni
Assoc., B. A. B. Ed. Unit
Best from Waste Workshop Mrs. Priya Bhoikar, Swayam Siddha,
Anti Ragging Law Activity Adv. Mangala Patil – Badadare .

Visits / Study tours

Commercial Bank


Gokul Milk Project, Kolhapur


Swayam Mentally Challenged Students School


Dnyan Prabhodhani’s Blind School

Helpers of the Handicapped Balgram Panahala.

Navodya Vidyalaya, Kagal Old age Home Bahubali.

  1. G. Shah High School, Bahubali Blood Bank, Kolhapur


Government Bank, Kolhapur.


Chandrakant Mandhare Art Gallery, Kolhapur. Photography Exhibition.

Koyna Dam.


  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:


Lecture method Seminars
Self Study Method Discussion method
Debating and demonstration Screening of Movies &
Group discussion ICT
Tutorials Lecture cum demonstration
  1. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:

Participation in Pulse Polio Programme. Visit to Old Age Home.

AIDS Awareness programmes. Tree plantation.


Blood donation camp


Disaster Management Programme


Participation in Dashhara festival as a Police Mitra. National voting awareness.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Rally. Sadbhavana Rally.

Rain water harvesting.


Swachha Bharat Abhiyan.

35. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans



  • Out of 14 faculty member, 10 are Ph. Ds and others are perusing research degree. Department has received 4, 88, 512 Rs. through Research Project funded by UGC. Research Publication of department in last 5 years more than 100


  • Counseling Services Consultancy


  • Students have scope in Civil Services and teaching To start self funded educational institutions.


  • Placement
  • To develop Research culture among students

Future Plans

  • To organize National Conferences and Seminars.
  • To undertake different projects beneficial to society at large.